Stairway to Heaven

The mystic’s eyes glistened with gleam
His lips curling in upward stream
To point to the Heavens above
That now lay within his reach
A journey he had sought to beseech
To spread his message of love.

And although he could read the sign
He double checked the beautiful rhyme
Cause a verse can give two meanings
There’s a brightness on his face
That clearly shows his confidence
And the surge of subtle feelings.

And he walks towards the Heavens
Through rough highways and small by-lanes
Spreading his message of love
He sprints, flints, with a calmness so rare
Joined by hundreds and thousands in his dare
To take them directly to Heavens above.

Spreading his word on universal love
The man ascends peacefully with a smile above
His soul no longer bound to earth
But his message lives for men to see
A path he had uncovered in his destiny
To get rid of the cycle of rebirths.


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