Bunty and Bulbul

The lamps grew dim and words grew faint
As grandma tucked the children in bed
She finished subtly on a softer note
The epic battle of gingers and potatoheads.

Then slowly she lowered the age-old lamp
And walked silently across the gate
Very quietly bolted the brass door-latch
Flooding silence eerily in this silent state.

"Dear Bulbul, will you fly with me
In battles wherever I go
It may be late, but let no enemy escape
The sentence of his indignant blow"

"The rebellion against the masters of the world
These insects must now repay
Would you join me in this valiant journey
To get rid of these insects"

"Sure I will, though lacking in skill
Brother, do you have a plan?"
Bunty's face grew darker in the darkness
"Witchcraft," he proudly announced.

"Can we do it now," Bulbul inquired:
"No kiddo, not so fast,
We'll invite all insects over for dinner
And boil them over an evil spell cast."

The children chuckled in the ill-lit room
Subduing heavy laughter in fits and bursts
And waited for the moonlight to ascend
To invite all insects of the world first.

A narrow beam of moonlight appeared from clouds
And filled the silent room with bliss
The faces of two orphans shone bright
As they prepared chanting spells and hymns.

One moth did come, dancing in the moonlight
Pretty movements at this hour of the night
Bulbul thundered a heavy hand upon it
But missed a late sway in its flight.

The moth kept dancing, unperplexed at all
Bunty unnerved it again and again
But the moth made elegant movements
To escape every threat upon its life again.

Now Bunty had him trapped in a corner
And thundered the heaviest blow he ever tried
The moth swayed, was marginally saved
Though lost a wing in his valiant flight.

The moth dangled still in the corner bravely
Though unable to lift its hood any more, alas
The children looked at each other with great remorse
And pleaded to forgive them for such heinous trespass.

Grandma rose from her deep slumber
And opened the bolted brass lock
And rushed to find Bunty pleading in his dreams
That had given him a vital knock...


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