Distant Neighbours

Watching her vague crooning and the gentle smile
In her fond memories, I spent all night
An illusion thereafter swept the morning
And a welcome surprise with the fall of light.

I missed her all night as I watched a video
Wanting to make a call that did not seem
And spent a good time the next morrow
Spinning her sweet fragrance into sweet dreams.

How amiss that she does not even know
How much I miss her this day: today;
At noon I buzzed to relieve some furrow
And yet it hardly seems to settle my day.

The day passed slowly, I gave more thought
No premises to call her, as those remises hang
And yet I tossed my mobile in disbelief
She does not miss me like I do, I thought.

The shadows grew longer as night fell fast
Like a cosy blanket singing lullabies to please
Good news slipped in, but none as pleasing
As a call from a young maiden 400 miles away.


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