War and Peace

Peace sleeps in the darkness of the night, brooding all this time
And ginger mourns and foxy hounds sound such a saucy rhyme
The wind beats against the iron roofs that clatters like old man's teeth
A sultry silence beats the eerie sound of shameless defeat.

And nothing gained through years of end of self and sacrifice
To satiate one man's insatiable quench for pelf and prejudice
And he shines now, is he the Sun and noble son of the land
For the land is red with bloodshed albeit all the riches in his hands.

But the war does not end here. nor its pity nor its gloom
All that glitters is not gold, not every lily blooms
The road ahead is steep although a milestone has been laid
At the cost of a hundred tombstones that lie restless with words unsaid.

And with swords unsheathed yet, their voices will haunt him forever
The compromise has been made but his heart will shine now never
And although peace has been made, is this any less than war
For the warm rays dispel the darkness but Peace still sleeps for sure.


The Evil Genius said...

loved the 3rd verse "at the cost of a hundred tombstones"

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