"Au revoir, mademoiselle... till we meet again"
So saying he left, in fairly quick pace, to subdue his chains of pain.
He knew quite well that such an event was not unlikely to recur
He turned once more to see the coaches go, and shed a bitter tear.

Then taking the shortest route to home, he drove impetuously in his cart
A sense of burden buried deep, and a heavy guilt cast in his heart.
He passed through magnificent houses alternately painted pink and blue
But none compared to the swelling grief that grew each moment with rue.

He remembered the sunshine in the meadows that the two lovers had shared
And the shrills and frills and thrills and agonies all together dared.
He gasped at the locations where they had made love, and paused at every thought
If only he could stop her once more, he would forever be grateful to God.

For once hath he almost lost her, as she sank down the shallows of Hell
Deep down the mighty Howrah bridge and five hundred feet into water she fell.
But his tears swelled even the unmoving Gods, a miracle, the doctors cried
For lo, she escaped the Titan granites, and back into clay, made her flight.

One last time he wanted to see her face, one last time he wanted to kiss
One last time he wanted to make her laugh, fulfill her very last wish.
He pulled his carriage to the left and the horses neighed in urgency to all
But before one soul could come to rescue, he had executed the most fearless fall.

A thunderous applause greeted the famous poet, lost in his own world by this time
And praises filled the beautiful hall, magnificently lit by chandeliers and shine
The poet smirked at his fate and masked the dinner with a huge commercial success
And no one could read the grief so visibly written down on his face.

P.S: Work of fiction. Any resemblance to real characters, living or dead is coincidental!!


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